Friday, July 9, 2010

Swam again...

Second week in a row to do yoga on Tuesday and swim on Thursday. Sanity and health keeping this week have included: Monday mowing, Tuesday yoga, Wednesday Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle, Thursday swimming. Tomorrow I want to have a nice dinner with Michael, get all the dishes washed and then I am going to go to Garet's and we are going to watch a movie.

Saturday is PROBABLY back up to Lafayette. I think Mom will be able to get the keys for the apartment tomorrow. Chris has a pickup, so if we can only get a few strong backs to get a couple of loads of the basics over to the apartment Mom and Dad can start living there and they will be safer and in a cleaner environment. Michael will need to go to his dad's this weekend so I don't think I can count on him for a strong back and Chris has a pinched nerve and can't lift anything... I have tried to contact a few church people and nobody calls me back. That kind of pisses me off, even though I realize it is summer, they live in a university town, and it is really even a holiday week when lots of people take vacations. I just need the help so desperately. It's hard for me to ask in the first place and then when I get no response it is frustrating.

If Michael is at his dad's I may stay all night and work on Sunday too. Garet has to work all weekend so he can't come help. I know he would if he could. SOMEBODY has to take pictures for that silly newspaper, though!

It's too late to be doing this and I need to stop and get my butt in bed - dirty dishes be damned. Michael can do a bunch tomorrow.

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