Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BOT Report 7-28-10

TERRIBLE morning. I awakened and literally could hardly lift my head off the pillow. I rolled over enough to reach the phone and called the boss to say I was definitely going to be late, that I would try to get up and take a shower and see if that loosened my neck and then try to get in to the dr. I did manage to get a shower and it helped a little, but NOT a lot. I called and Dr. Karin had an appt in about half an hour. I managed to get there - driving is not so fun or easy when you can hardly turn your neck to look both ways. She worked on me for a long time - maybe forty minutes altogether. I cried a lot while she worked on me so I had more mental therapy too! I managed to get something to eat, take some medicine, get to work and make it through the day - I felt quite productive too.

After work I came home and ate some food and the Garet came over and we spent some quality time together. I talked on the phone to Whryne for a while. I ate the protein portion of my dinner. Michael came home and I have been relaxing and now I am only going to be a LITTLE productive and get to bed before midnight!

So the back on track good portions were:
I went to the doctor when I needed, was totally honest and got help.
I ate mostly whole foods, including bunches of grape tomatoes straight from the garden.
I spent social time with both BF and Girlfriend.
I had a nice talk with Michael tonight and he used a lot of words I don't understand so he must have enjoyed it too.
Did some relaxing activity on computer and may still try to watch or read something relaxing and entertaining.

Bad portions were:
The ONE fast food meal I ate in between doctor and work.
Didn't drink enough water.
Still had to take quite a bit of medications.
Didn't really do any significant movement, but when your head and neck hurt so bad it feels like it is jarring to take a freaking step, what're ya gonna do? (I know - swim, but I thought it was going to storm)


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