Saturday, July 24, 2010

BOT report 7-23-10

Survived work. I actually felt a little more like my real self at work today. I still had quite a bit of head pain and the neck thing going, but it was either reduced or I was more emotionally and mentally equipped to handle it and stay focused. I still had to take medicine, but nothing prescription, just regular acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Garet and I were supposed to go out tonight, but he had a shoot that lasted until after 8:30 , and then he wasn't feeling very well. I felt well enough that Debbie and I went out to the World Famous Office Lounge for karaoke and I even sang. Ummm... I must admit by this time I was on the prescription stuff and it does tend to make me a little more... relaxed! Nah - I always sing when I go - no stage fright for me anymore. I don't give a poop what anybody thinks. I'm there for the fun!

So now I have been throwing some things in bags and boxes to be prepared for a three day weekend:

Saturday - massage at 8:30 am - I HAVE to get this neck loosened up! then leave for Lafayette, hope to arrive around noon - should coincide with Lu's arrival, Arni's. After that I don't know. I might ask Kim or Susan for an air conditioned place to take a nap!
Dinner I think is cook out at Kim's I talked a little about contributing, but haven't made anything... I will just have to see how I feel. Maybe if there are a million red grape tomatoes on my plants when I leave in the morning I will make a harvest before I go.
Saturday evening we talked about kicking Lu's family out of the hotel room and we girls would overtake it for a slumber party. I'm not sure if that is still happening or not. If not, somebody will have to put me up for the night!

Sunday, I don't have a clue. All I know is if it is fun and relaxing I am doing it. Anything that sounds hard gets crossed off my list! Lu is a frequent walker. I'd better take my walking shoes and be ready.

Monday Lu leaves, then I am going to work on Mom and Dad's house some more and see if I can get another part ready for showing. Also, I am sure Mom and Dad need help in the apartment... they didn't instantly learn housekeeping skills when they moved, nor did their health instantly improve.

I plan to leave late afternoon Monday. I have to drive to Greenfield to retrieve Michael from his Dad's, then back to Bloomington. It ends up being a long trip when it's all at once.

So I am ON TRACK for fun, relaxation and rest. I swear if I feel like I need to I am going to please ask everybody to spoil me and make no demands. These women have known me long enough to know I wouldn't ask if I really didn't need it and they love me enough to do the spoiling if necessary!

Monday will be my work day, but I hope to have had enough rest to be ready for it.

Well, I'd better get to bed. A massage appt in 6 hours and then a two hour drive immediate following means I need to be able to stay awake!

Have I mentioned that I really like Aerosmith?

Editing to add - I will pass on the thoughts and well-wishes from everybody. Lu is a lost cause, but maybe I can get Kim or Susan on Facebook.


Deb said...

Still fascinated, wondering what's a BOT report: Blogging On Tiptoes; Burned Our Tomatoes; Biatches On Trapezes; Butt Out Tramps...?

Yes, I could look it up...but then there'd be no reason for me to ask and then let you laugh.

Happy travels, good weekend. xo

Hope said...

Back on Track.