Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BOT Report 7-27-10

Neck pain - yep.
Head pain - yep.
Emotional outbursts - yep. (NOT at work)
nap during lunch - yep.
nap after work - yep.
Medication - yep -
Trip to county Fair with VERY tolerant and patient boyfriend - yep.
Favorite Fair food (taco salad) consumed - yep
Got to see lop-eared bunnies and roosters with pretty feathers - yep.
Physical activity walking around fair - yep
Negated physical activity with ice cream cone - yep.

Still working on it all. Still working.

In addition to the FB note.

Heather is VERY ANGRY with me. I think I half deserve it, but I think we have both misinterpreted some communication as well.
Mom really DID break her arm while I was in Lafayette this weekend and I blew it off because it wasn't bruised.
I am not going to the family reunion Saturday because I can't face my cousins in this condition and I know I will just cry constantly, especially now that I am the one who "ignored" Mom's broken arm!
I cried and cried tonight and Garet put up with me. He says we will do something so fun that I won't even think about the reunion on Saturday. We might take Michael and drop him off and then go explore somewhere. PLEASE let his work schedule really let this happen - Deb this is important enough for a candle in my book. Is it kosher to ASK for candles?

I feel all cried out or I feel like I could cry all night long. Michael took my clean clothes out of the dryer and just dumped them on my bed. When everybody brings laundry to my house to do, why do I always take it out of the dryer, fold or hang it and put it nicely somewhere? Yet when anybody takes my stuff out of the dryer it just gets dumped and ruined. I swear the pile of the laundry on the bed was about ten minutes of the crying and could be about 10 minutes more when I think of the fact that I now have to deal with it before I can go to bed. I makes me want to escape to the world of Facebook mindless games until anti-psychotic medications make me fall unconscious to the floor.


Deb said...

Just now reading and writing back, saying, "I am forever glad to will light your way. Always." Thank you for asking. xo

Deb (who is far from Kosher in the dictionary sense--all that bacon I keep dragging home, a few pounds at a time)

Hope said...

MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm..... bacon. If I had more bacon maybe I would be happier.