Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's good for the goose...

is good for the other silly goose too!

I have spent so much time working on Mom and Dad's house that it is painful. I keep telling my mom things like, "You are a household of only TWO people, you don't need FIVE skillets." I had/have a TERRIBLE stay-home-from-work headache today. I was really frustrated because when I DID feel like eating my kitchen was so full of dirty dishes that it was difficult to prepare anything. So when I had a few good moments today when medication was helping and I was awake I worked on the kitchen. I decided that I am going to store MANY of our extra dishes and pans, etc. in the garage only to be used in case of party. I do like to use REAL dishes at parties, especially holidays. Paper plates are a travesty, only to be used for certain mental health reasons occasionally and sometimes (but seldom) for convenience. I have a thing about having 12 place settings available so I can have a party and use real plates. I realized, however, that I do not need to have them out all the time! I am going to keep out a FEW (I think 6) place settings and everything else will be packed and safely stored in the garage. Six is enough for a dinner with a couple of guests and to use a couple to serve. If I find that there are still dirty dishes all over all the time, I will reduce it even MORE. Only four coffee cups stay out, only six dessert plates, only 6 bowls. It still seems like it might be too many and I ought to go down to four, but we'll try this for a couple of weeks and if I am still frustrated I will do additional reductions.

I actually relaxed today. I was able to take only regular OTC meds and no narcotics and survived. I still feel pretty shitty in reality, and I am worried about returning to work tomorrow. I may have to stay medicated there to be able to survive. That's what I did last week however, and by Friday I was in so much pain I cried almost every time I tried to talk. I was only able to fake it a couple of times. I don't know if I wrote about that or not.

I watched a lot of Glee on Hulu today and propped up my swollen foot to try to drain it. I am wondering if it is the new diuretic that is making the headaches increase in intensity so badly. The timing seems to coincide. The new pill doesn't even seem to be helping any more than the old kind. I took a picture last week of my swollen ankle, but haven't downloaded it yet - maybe tomorrow. It's funny the ankle that I sprained so badly has only the one bump that still swells, the OTHER side is more swollen all the way down to the toes! It is so bad I call it "muppet foot." I used to say that when both my feet swelled so badly - now it's only one side. Even when I exercise and do ankle circles when I'm sitting and stretch and try to rub for good circulation - all no help. It's so swollen the skin is tight and it hurts. That's one good thing about swimming, no pressure on that foot. The bad thing about swimming is that because I mostly breast stroke the ankle rotation during the kick (which I do with perfect, symmetrical form, thank you Bill Roach) will make the sprained ankle side sore afterward.

It's getting late and I am definitely aiming for much more sleep tonight than I have been getting. Even with the sleep today I know my body needs it or the headache will be even worse tomorrow. I will probably take meds to sleep tonight so that I know I won't lie abed and stew about things. There is too much going on that I am stressed, as you know, and I am a GREAT stewer!

So goodnight.

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