Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back on Track Report 8-3-10

Swam again - I did the most distance I have done so far this year which felt great physically. I did a little freestyle, however, which probably wasn't good for the neck. It's pretty stiff right now.

Mom and Dad still having problems in Lafayette. I am trying to help long distance. It's even tough to do that. I don't like to talk on the phone and so many leads seem to lead to nowhere!

I've had a couple of days where I have only had to take pain meds once.

Been eating good food. The tomatoes are in and things are good. Tonight I had a big bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with a little red wine vinegar and olive oil. Delicious and I felt so good to be eating nice fresh food! I'm not admitting what I had for lunch, but I hope it all balances out....

I realized I haven't been keeping a calendar for the past couple of months, which is something I have done fairly consistently for many years. I think that is another sign of how stressed I have been. I am going to try to get going on that again. It makes me feel good to look at a page and see all the things I have done and helps me realize that I don't really waste a lot of time like I think I do.

And a little more personal than what I posted on FB. I saw a therapist today. I also saw her a couple of years ago. I know her style and she is not one who will just let me go in and bitch about my week and leave. She will really make me get down to the nitty gritty and decide to work on it . That's why I quit seeing her before - it was too scary and hard. So I knew when I made the appointment to see her I was making the decision to get down to it. We went ahead and did assessments because it had been so long. She doesn't think I am depressed, rather have PTSD and severe anxiety disorders. She agrees with Dr. Karin that the anxiety and stress is causing the physical pain and symptoms. I have an appt. again on Friday 13th!

I am frightened, but also ready to be over the pain, physically and emotionally.

Beautiful Ben has moved in. So far, so good. Today when I introduced him and Garet I said, "Ben this is my boyfriend, Garet. Garet, this is Ben, the man I live with!" Clever eh?

I've stayed up too late but I had stuff I wanted to do. Now I am about done and I should be heading to lala land soon. Good night!

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Deb said...

Saluting the nitty, the gritty, and your sense of humor still intact within the fray (when introducing your new housemate to Garet).

And for trusting so many of us out here in blog-reader-land. xoxoxox

Love, Deb