Sunday, August 29, 2010

Headache today -

This is how my left ankle often looks - and this is on a not-too-bad day. This picture was taken in June, when my RIGHT ankle, the one I sprained so badly was still swelling at night, yet on this particular night, the LEFT ankle was bigger! One of the joys of being me. You can also see how the top of the foot and the toes are swollen - it makes my foot "Thick" so wearing shoes and walking is MORE uncomfortable. It is quite discouraging to try to exercise and walk when the skin of my foot and ankle literally feels TIGHT from the swelling. I hate it so much. Right know I am taking TWO kinds of diuretics and whenever I go see Dr. Karin she does stuff that is supposed to open the channels and help the lymphatic system. Usually after I see her it is better for a couple of days and then comes back. In the meantime I keep taking the meds and drinking lots of water. Boring medical shit, I know, but everyday life for me!

I finally decided it is sinus so I went for the heavy stuff. No missing work tomorrow because Mondays are always insane and Kerri is gone to Florida! I will be logging off and trying to sleep as soon as I finishe typing this and do just a few more dishes.

I didn't make a list today, but I I had a great, productive and feel-good day. I:
made three pillowcases for the little travel pillows I use in my bed to keep my neck and shoulders even. This has been on my list of projects to complete for YEARS, honestly.

watched "Slumdog Millionaire" magnificently heartbreaking.

baked a loaf of "Beer bread" with added stuff so Michael would have some more calories. He says he thinks he's been at a deficit every day since he's been in the dorm. It would help if he would use the elevator. He's on the 6th floor and walks up the stairs every time.

Had a guy over to do an estimate on fixing the bathroom from the craptastic job the sweet old man did, and also completing the rest of the work and some other odd jobs.

Made a majorly good dinner of poached tilapia on a bed of onions and garlic with peppers and tomatoes and basil from the garden. Ben nuked some potatoes to go with it. It was basically wonderful. (Ben is also a fantastic cook, but he hasn't really shown me all his skill yet!)

Watched two episodes of "Hoarders, Buried Alive" on TLC. My fascination with these shows is almost as morbidly personal as my fascination with the shows about the extremely obese people. I have to convince myself that I am not like that AND remind myself what might happen if I let it get out of hand. Dealing with my parents has helped me begin to purge, but I still need reminders.

Watched two episodes of "WKRP in Cincinnati" while I worked on the hand-stitching part of the pillows.

Some people from Freecycle came over to look at Michael's dresser and see if they might want it. I think they do, but they have to arrange for a truck first. I am NOT taking Michael's room away from him. There will be some changes made, but this dresser has needed to go for a LONG time and I made sure to check that he does not have an emotional attachment to it first.

I have promised Michael that as long as I live in Bloomington he will have a place to come home to if he wants. Even if I should sell the house and get an apartment or condo where there will always be space for him, especially if he is living in dorms. If he decides to live off campus in an apartment with a full year lease, etc.... he may not have his own "room" as such, but he will have a home to come to with space for him.

This was a "List Free Sunday" and I feel happy that I did things I really wanted to do without feeling this obligation... The only thing I have kept track of officially is how many glasses of water I've had, because my left foot/ankle swelling is still pretty bad. I'm on glass number 6 right now and I think these are about 12 oz glasses so I ought to be okay. I took some pictures of my swelling one day. I should see if I can fin them and post them.... let me go look!

Tomorrow is back to work to a busy, busy day with Kerri gone. Sigh. She works a lot AND I send her my frustration emails when I am fed up and she is SO GOOD at responding with something wonderful and positive. I will miss her tomorrow.

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