Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Less than 24 hours...

... and I will have an empty nest! Unless you count Ben, but he feeds himself. I don't have to chew his food first and puke it into his mouth like I do for Michael.

Michael is getting packed and ready to go for real. He wants to get to the dorms by 9:00. He figures that is before the big crowds will show up.

I sliced a finger just a little washing dishes tonight. I was thinking of asking Ben to come finish the dishes, even though he hasn't really cooked and eaten here much the past couple of days because his mom has been visiting. He came out of his room within thirty seconds (honest) of my thought and offered to do the dishes tonight! Scary or what?

Erin gave me a compliment today about list making. She wrote in her blog about my list making. She also made what she called "Hope-worthy" lists of things to do. I think her lists are really massive! She made about 20 days worth of my lists! I made sure to caution her that not completing each task is GOOD. It indicates knowing about setting priorities and making good choices!

Speaking of which - because I sliced my finger just a little tonight while washing dishes all items remaining on my list except "Watch something fun" and "Toes" are now deleted for the evening. SO I am going to go to my room, turn on the electronics, get out the manicure set and ACHIEVE, baby!

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