Monday, August 23, 2010

Back On track Report

Not posted on FB, only here, but I did change my status back to "Single."

I broke up with Garet. It was feeling like more of a burden to have a relationship than not. Also I felt like he always expected me to put his needs above my own and I don't need anyone else in my life like that right now! Maybe there will be a time later where we can be together. I do love him, but then I love my parents too, and I have had to cut myself off from them in many ways to save myself. It sounds like a backward step in some ways because it was good for me to develop a relationship. I feel like I learned a lot however. I learned that there are certain ways I deserve to be treated and it is not wrong of me to expect that treatment.

I think the bad thing about our breakup is that I did do it in kind of a bitchy way. That may nix any chance for the future. At the same time, if he is 46 years old and hasn't learned the behaviors that he needs to know to function as an adult and to treat women with respect, how much chance is there that that will really change? I don't want to go into a laundry list of his bad behaviors, that's not fair. I think you will all agree with me that if I am going to be in a relationship I deserve to be treated like the queen I really am!

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