Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love my son,

but I am somewhat liberated from catering to vegetarianism. In celebration I ordered pizza tonight with pepperoni AND sausage! I will have to go back to vegetables because I am really starting to watch my food intake again. It was nice for tonight, though!

Mowed tonight and it felt good. I found a big tomato worm on one of the tomatoes and with no Ben home and no Michael I had to pick it off myself. I smashed it with a piece of limestone. I took pictures and Ben thought that was totally gross. I know he thinks some of the things I do are completely bizarre, but that's just me. My brief description on Facebook says, "Happy and Crazy." I think it's accurate. I've been a little too far away from the "happy" lately, and a little too close to the dark side of "crazy," but photos of smashed garden pests fit right in the right kind of crazy for normalcy... right?

Ben has been working his ass off on the website. It looks so cool. I can't wait to get it finished and get it online. Somewhere in the next couple of days we will be choosing a new site for web hosting and going live. I found that GoDaddy from whom I purchased my Domain name, doesn't really do well at web hosting, so I need to pick another provider. Honestly, I don't understand much of it, but I am trusting Ben. I also purchased the domain name for ClockQuirks when that business was a possibility. The web host we are mostly considering has unlimited domain names for the same price so if I ever start making clocks again (and I think I will), I could also get a site on there AND it includes a free shopping cart, online purchasing, etc. I'll let you all know when it's ready!

Eric and I went out to karaoke tonight and it was very relaxing - not too crowded and some good and fun singers. I sang songs that I have sung before so it was comfortable for me. I didn't feel like stretching my vocal boundaries tonight!

Now it's off to bed. It is actually a pleasant temperature and it should be a good night's sleep and a no alarm morning! Whoopee! If Ben wakes up first he'd better be quiet! He was already in bed when I arrived home about an hour ago so I know he's got at least an hour on me, but I slept a 12 hour night last night (no kidding) and I think he usually sleeps longer than I do anyway.

So there.

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