Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last Night's BOT from FB (Cryptic ennogh?)

A reminder of the goals because it has been A While:

1) Learn to balance my goals of movement with learning to listen to my body and STOP when the pain says to stop.
2) Get compulsive eating habits under control and eat more whole foods
3) Develop relationships with balance between helping my friends and family, yet meeting my own needs and requesting and accepting help to do so when necessary.
4) Read more books again
5) Begin to write daily again - even a short minimum
6) Get finances under control and set priorities with specific goals to manage them.
7) Maintain the house, car and gardens at an acceptable level without harming my physical health - require Michael's help to do so.
8) Make a decision about the business and then either do it or DON'T do it.
9) Cleanse my life of unnecessary physical objects - keep only what is treasured, valued, honored, loved and used.
10) Get my social life back to a comfortable point, including hosting parties and other gatherings.

Overall report today:
1) Achieved my goal of movement for August with no falls, pulled muscles or injuries and this was DESPITE severe and constant muscle spasms in my neck (stress related). I saw the dr. when needed and took medication when needed instead of trying to ""tough it out" all the time and I think it helped. I set a higher goal for September and bought a pass at a place that offers, Zumba, belly dance, hip-hop fit, and "Bollywood" dance classes. First class is ZUMBA tomorrow after work.
2) Eating whole foods is easy because of garden. Still having trouble resisting junk when I want it.
3) Still working on this one. I still want to "fix" everybody and everybody's problems. Currently having a "fix resistent" roommate who tells me (figuratively) to fuck off when necessary is providing some growth in this area. I think I am really learning when to back off, but boy is it hard!
4) Am reading , although not as much as in previoous life. Part of that is the invasion of "Family Feud" into my psyche, part of that is that I have also been trying to watch MORE television and movies. I know that sounds odd for a fat woman who is supposed to be trying to get fit, but I am also trying to find out how to relax and that is something I used to enjoy before I got the OCD/guilt/have to be productive all the time thing going on so seriously.
5) Still not writing daily. Maybe I need to set a minimum like the year I did Blog 365 and the minimum was to write at lkeast one thing each day that made me happy.
6) Constant battle - getting Michael off to school hurt financially in some ways yet will help in others - the grocery bill will certainly decrease!
7) Doing okay. It helps to have Michael out of the house and have a roommate who washes dishes. It not only helps that he washes dishes, it makes me aware of when I leave messes because I don't want him to end up cleaning up after me. I haven't been a very dedicated gardener, but we're still getting LOTS of tomatoes and peppers so that's okay.
8) Decision is to get the business active again. Having a FABULOUS website built and will begin sales again, maybe within the month.
9) Still working on this - have purged more books, asking Michael to purge more stuff instead of leaving it here.Watching episodes of "Hoarders" to scare myself!
10) Though (sadly, really) no more "Boyfriend" as such, have been going out and enjoying time with friends both male and female. I have wimped out a couple of times and chosen solitude when it might have been better for me to be out with people, but will achieve the balance. Will host or attend some kind of party probably centered on celebration of Heather and my birthdays which are two weeks apart. That will be good and the weather should be nice!

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