Monday, September 6, 2010

Isn't it ironic...

dontcha think?

The same day I received my official letter stating that yes, even according to the records of the church I am no longer a member I saw "Hopeless Crush" from two years ago who nursed me lovingly and kindly through the Roma crisis? The dance studio where I have done the Zumba and the bellydance is in the same strip mall as his office. Jim's son was playing with the boy whose parents own the dance studio and Jim came down to pick him up. It's kind of funny because I kept kind of watching Cameron (Jim's son) and thought he looked familiar, but couldn't place him. It should have been easy because he only has part of one arm, but he was running around so much I didn't notice. When Jim came in he looked at me with that "I know you, but I don't remember how" look, which shows what a hopeless and one-sided crush it was, so all is well that ended well. I wouldn't mind being friends because he was so kind, but I think he might be one of those all or nothing kind of guys which is why he is still single!

Tomorrow's early dancefit class is "Bollywood" style dance and I would love to go, but I have a shrink appt. Waahhh... I will have to wait until Wednesday for a class now, which will be Hip-Hop dance fit. I'll have to return and report on that one. So far between Zumba and bellydance I LOVE Zumba the best. I think belly dance will be good for toning my core muscles because I could really feel it the next day, but Zumba was SO fun and and a wonderful allover aerobic workout.

I spent almost every waking hour of today watching consecutive episodes of "Hoarders" on A&E. In some ways it makes me feel better and in some ways it makes me feel like I am heading for disaster. I used a couple of commercial breaks to list some OFFER items on Freecycle to get them out of here! It really makes me want to get the garage under control, and not just so stuff LOOKS organized, but so that stuff I really won't ever use again is GONE.

I also used commercial breaks to eat! I probably consumed about twice as many calories as I used today. Definitely need to get to every dancefit class I can this week!

I've tentatively decided on a trip to Lafayette next weekend, but with BOUNDARIES. Of course I already caught myself trying to change them. My rule is supposed to be TWO hours only spent either with Mom and Dad or working on their stuff and then all other time is only for things I want to do; a hike, a restaurant, time with a friend...whatever. I already caught myself saying, well, I should spend two hours at the apartment and then two hours working on the house. Sigh.... I think this is one occasion where I should not use my "I am completely relaxed and flexible." Before I know it, I could flexible myself into six hours of slave labor and another six weeks of pain!

Speaking of pain, most of it is gone. I had several days last week with either no painkillers or only one dose. I also had a couple of nights where I was able to sleep without sedatives.

Ben and I had our first "fight" Friday night. "Roommate spat" may be a better term. I was extremely upset, however, and I swear the neck pain and the headache began immediately. Just another sure sign that all the physical pain is a psychological issue. I don't anticipate that Ben and I will have any continuing issues as we fully discussed it Saturday morning and I feel like the issues were resolved. I don't want to get deeply into it because it would invade Ben's privacy to talk about the issues here and I want to respect that. We're back to pretty roommate happydom just a couple of days later so I think we're okay.

Michael came home to visit and do laundry yesterday. He also took some additional stuff out of his room, which helps me in my quest to transform it a little. We also went to Fourth Street Festival together and looked at EVERY booth, ate a little food, heard a little music, saw a few friends and generally had a good time. It was a relief to BUY a drink or two from the HYP Orchestra booth instead of selling them!

Well, it's almost midnight and I want to get to bed. I want to put away the last of the dishes. Ben is such an avid dishwasher that it makes me very conscious of leaving dirty dishes because I know he will come and clean up after me! I also had a response to a freecycle offer and I want to set the bounty out on the front porch before I forget. How ghetto will my house look tomorrow with an pedestal sink sitting out on the front porch?!


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