Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back on track 9- 21-10

Good thing I did: Yesterday I had a sinus headache all day. After work I skipped dancefit class and came home and RESTED. I felt better today. Today I went to class (Bollywood dancefit!), and then came home, ate some food Ben had cooked and lay down to watch Glee. I fell asleep about halfway through. I will have to watch the rest online tomorrow. I think I am still sinusy - it went from 70s and 80s back into the 90s so the pressure must be whacko. I probably still need more rest and sinus meds. I plan to do a few things tonight and try to be in bed by 1:00. After my nap that should give me enough sleep for tomorrow.

After class tonight several of the women commented on my stamina and said I did really well, including the instructor. I know they are being encouraging, but one said, "I bet you used to be an athlete." Well I was never a GREAT athlete, but yes, I agreed it was true. I feel really encouraged that someone recognized the person buried underneath the fat. I know I am still in here - the swimmer me, the ballet class me, the able-to-balance me, the endurance me, the can-carry-a-full-pack me, the learn choreography me - I just need to get me back out. I hope that my emotional blocks can be overcome to let those physical Hopes who are good and healthy and active back out.


Quilt or Dye said...

Isn't it odd that others can recognize us when we don't? Just as you recognize me as an artist, I recognize you as an amazing, talented, and strong woman.

Hope said...

Thank you.