Saturday, May 8, 2010


Am I compulsive today or just fueled by caffeinated pain killers? You decide!

So far I have:
first load of laundry washed and in the dryer, second load started.
Read two chapters (Easy, I am reading "Island of the Blue Dolphins" AGAIN)
molded centers of peanut butter and butterscotch truffles and in the freezer.
Kept up with dishes (I am very conscientious about that when cooking for Hope's Homemades)
remembered to take my medicine for the morning (hard on weekends, usually)
Filled my first glass of water

Realized that going to the dump will be hard because trunk is in disarray with spare tire and jack out of place and become overwhelmed with that task.

Added to the list:
to listen to good music (ongoing)
and work on Amber's "gift" (now become a more arduous undertaking because I am getting too creative!)
Feed fish

I am feeling the effects of the sinus medication - not in pain relief, but in the fatigue it gives me. It SAYS non-drowsy, but it is one type of medication that seems to have that specific effect on me... sigh. I always take it hoping that it won't do so, but thinking that even if it puts me to sleep it is better than the pressure and pain. I just hate it when I have this mega list of things to do AND want to drive to Indy SAFELY. Of course, not going to bed until 1:30 or 2:00 or whenever it was, sleeping restlessly because of the wind, already present sinus pressure and pain and worrying about missing the 5:30 alarm and vivid dreams about the orchestra director yelling at me for talking during graduation (!) COULD possible contribute to that fatigue! (Ironic because Michael is not even going through graduation, choosing to go to a bike race instead)

I have to remember, despite the list that my one of my mantras is "I am completely relaxed and flexible." Priorities are the candy orders and getting Michael and health care. Everything else is secondary, right? Right now I am trying to determine if I am really hungry or just anxious. I have to get back to where I can tell physical need from emotional desire for food. I ate about 8:45 so it probably is time. I will check my glucose and see if that can help me determine, I guess. I also don't know what to have for snack. I have bananas and some good natural peanut butter so that would be a good carb and protein, but the bananas are large so I should only have half, ugh.

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