Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ow! Whine. Cry.

Garet and I were walking and I fell down AGAIN. I landed on the same knee as last time and reopened the almost-healed wound. I ALSO sprained the ankle on the other side and hurt my wrist. It was an extremely hard fall - I managed to get all those injuries even though I rolled on one shoulder. We were pretty far away from home and I had to walk home. By the time we turned into the neighborhood the sprained ankle felt like it was burning with every step. I took pictures of the beautiful lump on my ankle, but I couldn't get the picture program into download mode and it made me bawl. Michael just brought some frozen corn for my ankle so I am icing it some more. I took 800mg of Ibuprofen and some tranquilizers so as soon as I start to feel the drugs more than the pain I am in bed. It happened right as I was thinking to myself how good I felt and how I would be able to make to the end of the trail and back just like the old days.

I also had determined that I absolutely must get the bathroom floor finished and the sink plumbed before the graduation party on June 6. Now I won't be able to get down on my knees for another month again. I am going to have to pay someone to do it for me, which I really cannot afford.

I must keep reminding myself that this is all trivial shit. It feels big to ME, but then I think of my friend Laura, whose teenage daughter has cancer and their emergency room run today was for something horrible like a feeding tube slipping out of place.

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