Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying to not freak out.

I had to hire somebody to finish the bathroom because it must be done so I can have two working sinks by next weekend for the graduation party. "Old Joe" is doing it for practically nothing and he is willing to wait until Friday to get paid. I went in to check and he didn't do the tile right. He didn't match up the edges and the pattern! I am pretty sure that I am NOT being OCD, and that it is pretty standard to place tile so it all matches... As little as he is going to charge me I don't feel like I can tell him to do it again. He's even going out to buy trim on his own dime to finish it when he knows I can't pay him for it until Friday. I will just have to grit my teeth and be happy to have the base flooring put in and a functioning sink and know that I have enough extra tile to redo the bad parts when I can crawl around on the floor again. It's only peel and stick so it's not hugely expensive and it's not like I have to have a tile cutter to do it, just my sweet little utility knife. I planned to do it myself this weekend, all except the plumbing part, but with the ripped open knee and the sprained ankle those plans were nixed. I will have to refrain from looking at the floor every time I go to the bathroom.

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