Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm at 100%, so far.

The Catholic side of the family is getting mad at me today for my comments that it is better that someone go to mass no matter what they are wearing than that they not go at all.

So if I am going to outer darkness for wearing too many earrings and Limbo or Purgatory for not respecting the Host in Catholic mass who else do I need to offend to make sure? I have the Evangelicals covered for the blasphemous Hello Kitty Jesus I had up for a while, but took down so Deanna could read my blog again. Jews don't have hell and the UUs love me the way I am so I'm safe there.

I will have to knit and donate a hell of a lot of hats to redeem myself in the end.


Kim said...

Well isn't it the truth that if God loves us no matter what, He isn't going to care what we are wearing when we go to worship Him? It's not like you were wearing a slutty tank top and short shorts, now were ya. Or a I heart Hitler shirt. Now that would have sent you to hell, fer sure.

I love you just the way you are. And forgive me for being sarcastic. It just boggles my mind that people are more concerned about what you look like than where your heart is at.

Hope said...

I didn't even have to go to mass - One of my cousins who is a VERY devout and conservative Catholic commented on what others wore to mass in a VERY snotty manner:
"must have missed the memo that track pants, jeans, t-shirts, spaghetti straps and thigh-high skirts are appropriate attire when attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

So I said: "But aren't you glad someone is there rather than NOT there?"

I felt that was pretty innocent.

I was replied with:
"Yes, its better that they attend than not, but disrespectful attire is still disrespectful."
"Speaking for myself, I am always happy when someone attends Mass rather than not. At the same time, it is best when someone attends Mass dressed in a way that shows they have prepared themselves to be in the Presence of Our Lord and to ... See Morereceive Him in Holy Communion. As Catholics, we believe that Jesus is truly present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist/Holy Communion. It follows that in order to give Him due honor and reverence, a Mass-goer's manner of dress should show reverence to God, as well as charity to our neighbors.

I remember as a child my mom telling a family member who was nervous about going to a Catholic Nuptial Mass because of his clothes, "Just wear the best you have." I think that about sums it up. Who wouldn't want wear their best for their Creator and King?"

I can deal with those - but another woman chimed in with:
"Not speaking for Mary, but I can say that while I am glad that a person dressed inappropriately for mass is there, I am saddened that someone would be so malformed as to think that attire mentioned would be appropriate for Mass.

Also, as far as revealing clothes go, often times, women do not realize how their manner of dress can lead a man to sinful thoughts. We are called to love our neighbor and there is not greater way to show love then to prevent those around us from sinning."

To which I HAD to reply!
"Beth - that is a really misogynistic way of thinking - Men are responsible for their own thoughts and their own "sins" and to blame womens' attire for it is like blaming a rape victim for the rapist's actions.

Mary - I agree - with - "the best that you have" but how do we know what is the best another person has or what makes them feel good ... See More about his or her appearance and confidence and love of God? When I was a Mormon I thought it was a "sin" to wear a tank top at anytime. Now I feel good about my body and my health and it makes me feel confident and good to show my arms and my biceps that I am working hard to get in shape. Any God that I could believe in would be happy for me to feel that confidence and be happy that I do anything to continue my path to fitness and better health to keep my illnesses managed more appropriately and care for the gift of the body I have - even if it means showing a little shoulder now and then, maybe even at church or mass."

I ever so kindly refrained from mentioning that I wonder if those little boys made those priests have those sinful thoughts by wearing tight jeans on their cute little asses? See, I can have restraint when needed!

Deb said...

I'm digesting your cousin's comments about showing charity to and loving neighbors. I borrowed our giga-big childhood Bible from my mother early this year. Maybe I can find the parable mentioning offending neighbors with clothes as one or the other two sorts of sins. j/k

But...since my Catholic husband chooses to keep tattered-edged t-shirts for casual 'mowing the lawn attire' on weekends (Sundays included), imagine me being left to my own research devices. :D