Saturday, May 8, 2010

A misfortunate turn of events...

My 5:30 phone call this morning was not, "I'm on my way to get you," but "I've been up all night throwing up and I can't run." Poor Sweetie! This was to be his third mini and he is home sick in bed! So I got undressed and went back to bed too and slept until about 8:30. Now I have been up and had a good healthy breakfast and I am facing the day with sinus pain and some renewed determination toward some long term goals.

In that determined spirit I am going to reflect my past habit of posting my daily list with the caveat to myself and my dear readers (if any) that achievement thereof may be affected by sinus medication already taken!

Eat only homemade food
Finish Mother's Day truffle orders
Take a load to the dump
Have all dishes completely washed and put away
Write down paper checks in checkbook
Take medicine x2
Watch movie (I have "The Devil Wears Prada")
40 minutes of intentional movement
Get Michael from Indianapolis
Drink 6 glasses of water
Perform Yoga
2 loads of laundry
Clean 2 Swiffers worth of floor
Go to the garden shop in Indy (?)
Put down remaining bag of mulch
Pot flowers
Knit seven rows on hat
Read 2 chapters

Ambitious for a not-feeling-well day, I know. Some items are not negotiable and have to be first priority, including the trip to fetch Michael. I have also put myself on call by telling Garet if he wakes up and needs sick supplies to call me and I will bring. I also kind of want to hit Trader Joe's in Indy because I am going up anyway and we are so low on groceries. Why not get the organic for the better price when we can, right? That limits my time at home more... I think I need to stay here and accomplish as much as I can by 2:00, check in with Garet, then maybe head north. I told Michael I would aim to get him at 6 or 7:00 and that would give me lots of time to go to the garden center that is on the WEST side of Indy, then to Trader Joe's on the NORTH side of Indy, then to get Michael on the EAST side of Indy, then head back down. One travels around the outskirts of Indy on the highway so it's not bad going from place to place, just a little time consuming.

Time to go do my first work period which will include cleaning up from breakfast so I can start molding truffles! I have to resist eating the coconut filling. My gosh it is so good I could eat it by the spoonful and it is pure carbs and fat - good, natural fat, but still not weight-loss inducing! I will have to keep reminding myself how much the Board of Health would frown on eating during production. That is more of a deterrent to me than any personal health matter!

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