Sunday, May 2, 2010

Good Day, good day, good day, good day... OOPS!

For Deanna, who loves pictures of wounds.

Boy home safely from Prom at 2 am.

Storms through the rest of the night - slept off and on until about 10.

Got up and made a delicious breakfast - looked up title of church sermon and decided to stay home.

Started cleaning and reading intermittently. One little snag... Michael's gazillion dollar graphing calculator went berserk and new batteries didn't fix it. AP Calc and physics tests are this week. Sigh of relief - he says he is sure he can borrow one for the tests.

Started knitting hats again. Happiness. I feel good that I will have a supply to donate when it gets cold this fall. I missed that last year.

Dear Garet popped over to pick up his phone he left last night (thank you, Freud, for making me feel good about that). We had a nice chat and he left to do some work with a promise to return.

Started baking banana bread... looked out the window and noticed car has a flat. Yay! I have a boyfriend who is coming back! After all the flat tires I have changed in my life I may not have to do this one.

Looked on Hulu and found Episode 1 of this season of "Lost" has been put back on. It is the ONLY one I missed seeing in sequence and I substituted reading a few recaps online, which is FAR inferior to actual viewing. YAY!

Banana bread is about done. Boyfriend returns. I send people with Y chromosomes out to change the tire. Tire will not come off the car... WHAT THE ****? I have changed MANY a tire on this decrepit Ford Escort and never had a problem with a tire not coming off!

Banana bread is done. We all eat some. Garet has to leave and finish his work. I wait until focaccia bread is done and am going to head down to nearest gas station, put air in the tire, drive it home, plan to awaken early and check out situation and hope tire is still full of air and it is a very slow leak that I can get fixed at a later time... I get into car and start driving. When I put on brakes at corner GKGKGKGKKRKRKKRKRK!!!!!!! Yeah - the reason the tire would not come off is because there is something intrinsically wrong with the inner connections between the brakes and the wheel somewhere in there. I drive down to the nearby car repair place with no further braking until I arrive, throw my key in the drop box and start walking home - in FLIP FLOPS. I had not planned on the walking thing.

About 100 yards into the journey I slip on slimy sidewalk mud and go down on one knee and palm. Extreme frustration. Dirt. Pain. I get up and nothing is broken. I can walk, but I don't want to. I try to call Debbie and get a ride even though it is only going to be about a mile and a half. No answer. I walk home very slowly. Bleeding. In the rain. (sounding very Hemingway here, huh? But I don't die in the end.) It really wasn't raining anymore, but I had to add that for effect.


The leg has one scratch and two little lacerations which appear quite deep. It was really fun to pick the gravel out of them. No bruise yet, which surprises me, but maybe because the skin actually broke enough blood got out.

I have a ride to work tomorrow with Sue. Garet has a second car and he is going to check and see if it will start and if it will I can drive it until my car is fixed. I only have $1.27 in my bank account so I won't be able to get my car until Friday even if it is a "cheap" repair. Michael gave me all his money left over from prom and the rest of his quarters so I have about $50 to put in the bank if I can get a ride downtown tomorrow. That ought to cover the $3.25 check I wrote for the rest of the corsage - Michael thought it was $15.00 and sent me with $16.00 and it turned out to be $19.25 - and then give me some money for gas if the loaner car needs it.

So one more thing to add to my travails. I had a heck of a week. Work had challenges. Financial had challenges. Family had challenges. Emotional had challenges. I boiled over on Thursday and about had my nervous breakdown. I cried at my desk at work in the morning and in the evening I cried and screamed at Heather (I'm still sorry, Heather), and cried some more to Emily, but then got down to business and got some stuff done.

I know that I am lucky, really. I could be much worse off; have no home, children who are heroin addicts, be sick myself or worse, but right now this is about all I can handle. I am glad Sue is picking me up in the morning. It will be a good positive start to my day. As much as she thinks I will only really be happy if I get to know Jesus, I know that she cares about me and will pick me up with a smile and love, and I mean pick me up for a ride and pick me up emotionally, too.


Kim said...

I already love Garrett. He sounds like a good hearted man. And I am sorry about your owies today, both physical and emotional. If I were there I would help you get to and from while your car is being fixed. It seem life throws curve balls at you from time to time, and you always handle it with such a positive attitude. You make me proud.

If Erin and I were there we would make you dinner. And Erin would be making you laugh so hard you pee your pants. She's good like that, ya know. I sure love that girl. And I love you, too.

Hope said...

Thank you, Kimsey. I love you guys, too.

Hannah said...

I'm glad you didn't break anything too. My very expensive calculator went berserk on me too a couple of months ago and batteries didn't fix it either. There is a little watch like battery in it for extended memory purposes I guess. I took that out and tried again with the new batteries. That worked for me. Good luck.