Monday, May 31, 2010

Assorted Random Various of today!

About 5 days after the sprain.
The big bump is mostly gone, although it tends to swell again at night. I am not very good at staying off my feet!
My foot is pretty blue all the way down to my toesies. All I can wear are flip flops because even my regular sandals have straps that go across the tops of my feet!
Meeting Mom and Dad - Judy and Gary. I finally just said we need to do it and if I am afraid to go out to the farm because of the (five!) dogs, they will have to come over here! So we cooked out and it was really nice. Judy and I talked and talked. She said it was a real treat to be invited to someone's house and complimented the house several times and you know how I love that!
Awww... He's so sweet!
(Look how easily I balanced all those glass dishes on my head!)
You can see where Garet got his beautiful smile and twinkling eyes!

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