Sunday, May 2, 2010

Better pictures to post

My Cake wreck! It's a video game character. I can't remember his name now.
Garet, Hope, Emily and Scott. 2 Generations of hot chicks with sweet boyfriends.
Michael all ready and waiting for Karra.
Michael and Karra. She is TINY. Friday night she told us she weighs 92 pounds.

For Deb - who doesn't look at Facebook and wouldn't get to see them there!

The suit for prom:
$12 to purchase at Goodwill
$42 for professional tailoring
$13 to get cleaned.

$77 for something that ought to fit for at least a year or two unless he starts to fill out really fast, and NOT to rent a tux for one night.

His dad - you won't believe this - took Michael out and bought TWO shirts and TWO ties for Michael to choose what to wear to prom. Traditionally over the past sixteen years when Ed has purchased something for the children he has expected to be paid back because, "that's what I pay child support for." Michael said he didn't say anything about it though, so I am not bringing it up!

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