Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving on up...

to the big time...

Car is fixed, and listen to this... my friendly neighborhood mechanic let me write him a bad check and will not cash it until Friday. It is nice to have somebody in whom I trust and that he trusts me that when I say the money will be there it will. So I have transportation problem solved. $200 less in the bank even when payday arrives, but I needed new tires anyway. He said it was only the tires, and the brakes just needed cleaned and adjusted. I knew I needed the tires and they were darned dangerous. I can only ever afford two at a time and these were already pretty bad when I bought the last two.

I think I pulled a muscle in the leg opposite the one with the cuts and the scratch - probably because I caught myself and didn't let myself fall all the way and roll. I skated. I know how to fall. I didn't do it right and now I am suffering. It's not severe, though. I am able to walk around. It hurts the worst if I am going up and down stairs. I even mowed the entire yard tonight. I definitely got my exercise in! I did allow myself to use the self-propel feature on the mower, however, which I plan to not do regularly. I WANT it to be more difficult so I burn more calories!

I watched TWO HOURS of broadcast television tonight. I feel like I wasted my life now. :)
Not really. I actually quite enjoyed it. I hardly ever do that, but I flipped on the TV after my after-mowing-get-the-pollen-off-quickly shower and flipped channels and landed on "How I Met Your Mother" to which Emily had introduced me, but I haven't watched since the last time I watched some with her. It was really funny. Then I watched more shows after it including two episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" which I really like. I used to watch TV on Monday night and watch "Two and a Half Men," but after a while it got to where it was just sex joke after sex joke and it didn't seem funny to me anymore. That's the way "Will and Grace" went with me too. These shows still have other humor in them and I think they're pretty clever. In general I don't watch TV on TV anymore. I was watching "The Biggest Loser" but I don't think I have watched it for three or four weeks. It's probably getting close to the finale. I ought to go to the website and catch up and see!

I thought the tornado sirens were going off for a minute, but it must have been some other noise. It's hard to tell with the washer and dryer going... It's hardly storming, so they shouldn't be.

Michael has decided to go to IU. Rochester offered him even more scholarships and I thought he would decide to go. He would still have to borrow some, however. At IU he may not have to borrow anything so he can probably graduate with little or no debt. He will have to study physics instead of engineering, but there is some guy here who is one of the best particle physicists in the country so Michael is looking forward to studying with him - I looked him up - Richard Van Kooten. He's the guy who took Michael and his fellow geeks up to FermiLab a few weeks ago. I feel good knowing Michael is going into the program known and recruited by this guy.

I need to go make my May goals and make my chart. I'm super sad because nobody else in my weight loss and health group does it anymore. I feel unsupported and alone. :( I am going to try to keep going anyway!

I will post my goals for May here, too:

Move an average of 20 minutes at least five times per week.
Complete knitting two hats of any size.
Eat at least two servings of vegetables and one dairy each day.
Read at least 10 pages per day.
Do yoga at least twice a week.
List-Free Sundays!

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Quilt or Dye said...

My favorite is the list free Sunday! I have to plan those types of days for myself too or I just feel overwhelmed.