Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie Oliver

Man! I know there are good solutions somewhere. I guess it's up to me to fix the world again. I just have to figure out how I am going to do it!

If I quit working as a Home Vendor and work out of a commercial kitchen one thing I can do is provide healthy products for our local "backpack buddies" program. They send backpacks filled with healthy food home on weekends to families who need them. I "auditioned" for the program once before and took some whole-grain and bran cookie bars. The committee loved them, but found that the guidelines of the program do not allow food from Home-based vendors. Providers do get paid for the snacks, but it's not enough to do much more than cover expenses.

I'd also like to get more involved with Community Kitchen on a regular basis. Until last year I have always provided MANY pies at Thanksgiving. I want to do something regularly, not just once or twice a year. Most of their food prep and serving takes place during my regular work day, however, so I will have to figure this one out.

I mowed tonight and it was so hot and humid it almost killed me. Garet and I are supposed to go hiking tomorrow after work, I hope I have recovered by then. I don't want to be a wimp on him.

Michael did well at Sci O. Nationals. He and Alexander got second place in the "Physics Lab" event. Michael also got eighth in Fossils and tenth in remote Sensing.

I had a RELAXING weekend. Not enough sleep, but some pleasant time with Emily and Scott. I also took Mom to look at some apartments. She called me today and said the Realtor had come over and they are really going to list the house. Mom also said that she almost has the application for the apts filled out and ready to take back. Yay.

It's late and I want to do some housework before I try to sleep, so bye-bye!

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