Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two for the price of one.

Today will be items for both day 13 and 14. Yesterday I went to Indianapolis for Pride Day. I walked the parade route with the Indy Adult Show Choir, my sister's choir. I hung out with her and her choir members for part of the time and then I worked at a booth selling drinks for awhile. I did SO MUCH walking. I was exhausted at the end of the day!

 This is the twelve foot tall lady who was right ahead of us as we lined up for the parade. Somehow between parking my car and getting to our parade spot I lost the socks I was planning to wear while walking the parade route. My friend Dylan was hitting Pride Fest right before getting on an airplane to go do genius math things in New Jersey. He offered to bring a pair of socks (he was packed for a trip, see) to me. As we texted back and forth for him and Ken (other friend) to find me, I finally texted "I'm standing next to a twelve foot tall gold woman," and I think that is the thing that really helped them find me. So I wore Dylan's black socks with my hiking sandals and I was "hot." (In the now colloquial term meaning attractive and desirable). What really mattered however, was that even though my feet were so tired I did NOT get any blisters.
This is my pretty little sister, Heather. I'm very proud of the choir she has built and pleased that the choir walks the parade in support of equality (and to recruit!).

 This is my batch of items for the 13th. Food Not Bombs T-shirts and donation baskets. My time with FNB has passed and my friend ELLE sometimes does it now. She is going to make sure the shirts and the donation baskets (still with a couple of dollars!) end up in the new crew's possession. I already gave them the equipment I had last year, but found these in my garage later.
Today's batch, plus a couple of private items not shown. Instruction and warranty papers for a couple of items no longer needed, a weird basket, two wreaths, snap-on visors for bike helmets, one glove, a light, a dress, a gift box. I'm still trying to decide on the wreaths if they are trash or donate. I guess I can donate and if nobody wants them they can toss them. 

Elle and I had some Goodwill shopping to do today so we did take a couple of boxes and donate them as we went. Goodwill is probably my least favorite place to donate items, but it is the one that is open on Sundays. I will be traveling and busy for the next few weeks so it will probably bw quite awhile before I get a chance to get to Opportunity House again. 

I am super tired, to the point of "jelly legs" tonight. Angie, Elle, and I went to "Booty Camp" that a couple of friends gave (so we can get great booties like they have). We did a lot of HARD activities, sprints uphill, squats, planks, lunges, I can't even think of everything. I couldn't do everything that the younger and more fit people could do, but I tried to keep moving and adapted as I needed. Jacob was super encouraging and it made me try even harder. When it was all done we all took a cool down walking lap around the park, which is almost a mile. 

I have some laundry in and I am going to do just a little more housekeeping and take a shower and then try to get to bed early tonight!

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