Thursday, June 18, 2015

Short and sweet

 The easy stuff. I didn't wear this hat this past year. I hate store hangers, another catering tray, an unused stepstool, unused tent sealer, unused wall hooks. This will all be donated.
 Stuff to be donated to the tool share. I really super hope they can use it. The gallon container was left here after a party (full of hibiscus tea!) and it's time for it to go home. I think the big drink cooler can be used at the tool share event this weekend - I actually asked for it to get back, but I have some flexibility on that. One nice thing about having it back is that if it is at my house it can be used for events that I seem to often be marginally involved with and then if I get it back I know where it is for the next time.
Will be left out for the woman who gave me the perennial plants to pick up and use. I will be a little embarrassed for her to see that some of the plants aren't faring too well....

I also asked the tool share to take some of the wood scraps in the garage. I haven't actually counted them, but if they take them they def count for the 19th. If they don't I will decide on making up the 19th or not later.

Tired, trip tomorrow... bye!

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