Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pride and Pinkness...

Last night I went up to Indy to my sister Heather's choir show. It was really good. You can check out to learn about it. Afterward a few of the choir members and Ian and Heather and I went to karoke at a bar named Tilly's. It was pretty fun. I had a headache, probably from working outside too long, too hard, and without enough water. I put in a perennial bed! A woman in my swap group on Facebook asked for some hostas and I told her she could split mine. She brought me a bunch of perennials in exchange. I will have a bed with some iris, shasta daisies, phlox and some ground cover, instead of my ONE ornamental sage I bought last year and parked in that spot, dreaming of my perennial bed. YAY! I will take a picture in a few days, after I know it all won't die. :)

Today was the beginning of the Pride Week events. Heather and Ian and I went to a family picnic, and then a couple of innings of a softball game where the teams were drag queens IN DRAG (although some of them were definitely more dressed up than others). It was a find raiser for an AIDS charity of some kind. It was funny, but I was a little grumpy and we were all tired from staying out so late, and Heather and Ian from working hard for the choir shoe (He does lights and sound).

This is the color guard at the softball game, that was performed 
by a veteran's for equality group.

Here is #MinsGame

 Two boom boxes out of the garage and left at the "Trading Post" at the dump.
 Box of bike parts sorted by Michael and designated for Community Bike Project. Also taken in and handed to a volunteer on Saturday.
 Box of items from garage sorted by Michael and designated as good enough to be donated. The items went to Opportunity House. On the lower edge of the photo is a square purple planter. I swear I picked that out in the April #MinsGame edition 1. It has somehow eluded me every time I take things to donate. I've almost decided there is some cosmic force telling me I need that planter in my life. okay, not really a cosmic force, but maybe my sub conscience is telling me I really love it. Considering that on this day, actually many more than six items went out of the house. I've decided to keep it. 

More clothing items unwanted by Michael, cleaned and ready to go. 
I've started the next donation box.

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