Monday, June 8, 2015

Ten seconds at a time - Kimmy level

Tonight I feel unmotivated to do very much. I'm not surprised. Last week I on Monday and Tuesday I came home and pretty much went to bed after work. I had to do some mustering to get back out of bed and do some things.

Tonight I wasn't that bad. I did go to my usual Monday night gig, but I was glad when it ended early (which is really VERY sad, because that means we didn't have very much food for people who need it). I came home and wasted time until I finally warmed up some leftovers and ate around 9:00.

I did watch the second half of an episode on "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" which I am enjoying. Kimmy was kidnapped by a cultish religious leader who kept her and some other women in an underground bunker for fifteen years (this is fictional, mind you), and now she is trying to make her way back in the world. When she was in the bunker she survived because she broke everything down into ten second increments and took it ten seconds at a time. My usual housework/exercise/odious tasks increments are ten minutes, but tonight I felt like I needed to get down to Kimmy level.

So I went out to the garage and managed to gather my eight things.

(not the stool) The food things are very past expired, the loaf pan is rusted, I haven't opened that container of pasta in YEARS, no kidding. I don't even remember where I got the plant trays. The canister is nice, and a real McCoy vintage, but I have others that I have the lids for. I am going to clean that up and sell it. If it doesn't sell I will donate to Opp House. I will take the plant trays to the Trading Post at the dump and recycle the other stuff appropriately.

I've been having the sleeping/motivation issues, and yes, I know that is a depression thing for me. It is being addressed appropriately, I promise. I will try to sleep and that will help.

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