Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All in all it was...

just another brick in the garage. 

or another thirty-seven. I, figure this counts for tonight and for one of the days that I will be gone over the weekend. Actually Saturday is day 20, so that is perfect.

These were left by that last bad roommate, so they have been in my garage for two years and I have been walking around or tripping on them all that time. I am almost done getting rid of his crap. There are a couple of things left. I put these on Freecycle a couple of days ago and I have one offer who hasn't shown up and about four backup offers, one of whom is the woman who gave me plants a couple of weeks ago. The first person said she would come after work today and she hasn't shown up, so if she doesn't I am going to offer them to the plant woman (Sara) next. They are probably historic in some way. They appear handmade and have BRAZIL stamped on them. Maybe there was a brick factory in Brazil. It's not too far from here.

My goal is to have them off my property by the time I leave Friday morning.

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