Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!

Tonight I worked as an usher at the Buskirk Chumley Theater. I try to work at least once a month and get events that I enjoy. I loved tonight, but she asked me to work the late show, which has me up way past my bedtime. I did nap some after work, but I had funky dreams, so it wasn't quite restful. Limestone Comedy Festival is on right now. There were four comedians, two ten minute sets and two headliners. Of the ten minute sets I really liked a guy I think his name is Brad Wenzel, the headliners I enjoyed Kyle Kinane.

There was a little toad out in the garage earlier this evening. I caught him and set him out on the front porch. I didn't want to go any farther out to put him in the grass because I was only wearing my underwear.... I always leave the porch light on when I am out late and it is June bug season. Tonight little toad was still out on the porch and there were a few sets of empty june bug wings around. I did set him out on the grass so he wouldn't have to be in a concrete place and will have better luck finding love, but it was tempting to keep him around. Maybe I should have kept him long enough to watch him some night and see him catch a bug. That would be cool to see.

#MinsGame is something easy tonight. When I Michael was home I asked them to look through some stuff from the garage. These are some of the clothes cleaned and ready to go to Opportunity House tomorrow. I have a pretty nice box of stuff for them and a box of parts for Bike Project that I haven't even counted for #MinsGame so I am above and beyond!

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