Wednesday, June 3, 2015


and by "Stuff" I mean STUFF, as in how much stuff do I have, how long have I had it, does it hold any value for me personally, or for others...

MinsGame 2.3

Round two, day three. These are the zipper packs that sets of sheets came in. I bought the sheets over a month ago and still have these. I will NOT store the sheets in them, who can ever fold sheets as tightly as they were folded when purchased? Not me! That is for sure. I do have a couple of large zipper packs like these that I store my quilt and my fake down comforter in off season, but they are not so difficult to work with .... So these are IN THE TRASH!

But Hope, you may say, "today is day three. You are supposed to have THREE items." Well, item number three was actually maybe ONE HUNDRED items! Kelly R came over and helped me sort through some mail and piles of papers and I BURNED a bunch of them! Much faster than taking them to work and shredding them.

Angie S. also came over tonight and she vacuumed all my floors and tidied a bunch of stuff while I mowed the yard and burned already pulled weeds.

I really needed help tonight. I've been feeling overwhelmed this week by life in general and for me it usually manifests in physical ways like headache and fatigue, and that leads to the accelerated decay of my physical surroundings. Both Monday night and last night I came home from work and went to bed and slept. I even skipped food bank on Monday night, which is fairly rare.

So YAY for friend help and for fire.

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Deb said...

An appreciative nod to you for sounding the bell to ask help. An appreciative nod to those who were there to respond. Good all around.

Thank you for letting me in to read.

Love, Deb