Monday, June 15, 2015

The nitty gritty...

All of my items today are from the garage. It is so disgusting out there. I changed into grungy clothes to work out there and I was so gross when I was done I had to shower immediately. I have A LOT of work to do before it is ready to use for extra social space for a party. I did have some ideas tonight that will help. I've also already chosen some more items for the count tomorrow.
The picture frames are mostly empty I decided to pull the photos and put them in page protectors and albums. If they are worth keeping they are worth keeping more nicely than shoved in dusty, dirty boxes in the garage. One of them is a family photo of Ed, Emily, and me. I kind of want to just throw it away, but at the same time, that marriage and all that happened are part of what make me who I am today.

The black thing is the cracked boot from around the gearshift of the Escort... the car has been dead a year and a half and I had replaced the boot a year before that. More garbage that I kept for some unknown reason! The video case hasn't held a video for YEARS and I don't have a clue what happened to it.

The book is "The Hours" which is a good book. I realized that I have probably donated some books that will be okay books for my little library I am going to host in my yard. From now on if I decide that books are good for the library I am going to count them as items gone and keep them in a special place for library books. I mostly have children's books. I wonder things like putting novels in there that children might take before they are really old enough. I don't want parents mad at me. I might stick to all elementary appropriate books. I mainly want to do it for the children anyway. The bookmobile comes to the elementary school that is close to us, but there aren't sidewalks so it is dangerous for children to go up there.

Okay, super tired. I've been so sore all day from booty camp yesterday! and I worry that tomorrow will be worse. Tomorrow I need to get some more walking in - and squats, yeah more squats...

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