Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life changes

Sometimes life changes in unexpected ways and sometimes it seems like the same things roll around over and over again.

Since I last wrote:

Michael graduated from IU. He received an Associate's Degree in string instrument technology.
They (a singular they, referring to Michael) took a full-time position with a large instrument company in the east.
They moved to Waltham, Massachusetts.

Emily is officially engaged to Scott and they are planning a wedding September 19.

I've had various combinations of people in and out of the house, Michael for awhile in between graduation and job, a young friend E. who sometimes needs to be around other people, a woman who needed some time off from a strained relationship. Right now I am back to just me most of the time and probably E. will still come by for a night or two now and then. I enjoy it when E. comes over. They (the singular they) gives me somebody to talk to and is helpful around the house. I guess this is one of those things that rolls around over and over again for me.

I've started exploring a part of myself that has always been in the back of my mind. I am probably not ready to publish it in a public post, but I will say I have entered a new community that has completely enriched my life and opened my mind. Don't worry, it's NOT a cult... ;) I have made new friends that will be in my life forever and I am really happy. E is one of the people I have met because of joining this community.

The things that roll around again and again are my everyday activities of house maintenance, cooking, going to work, etc. Same old struggles with health and finances... Sigh. Friendships are here though. I am so glad I have always had uplifting friends who are long-term relationships. My friends definitely enrich my life.

I will probably focus a lot on the #MinsGame for the next month, but I will most def post if anything exciting happens.

(Started this post night of June 1st, completed June3)

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