Monday, January 18, 2010

Well for tonight;s list...

I had make peanut butter truffle filling - turns out I don't have all the ingredients. I also had "bake something," which after a phone call from Jennifer (Yay!) I decided I was finally going to go for it and work on my rolls/ cinnamon rolls. I killed them. The dough didn't rise one micron. I will have to take a picture of it for my spectacular disasters section of Hope's Homemades. If I baked it, it would be Ellie Mae Clampitt bread for sure. I should have baked it anyway just for fun, taken it to work and had someone try to slice and serve it for a joke. Maybe I still will in the morning and even take it in "hot from the oven." Wouldn't that be funny?

NOw I kind of want to make this coconut candy I have been wanting to try, but it is getting getting so late I don't want to dirty any additional dishes and I really want to try to get to bed pretty soon. I was late to work this morning. Argh.

We did get an announcement that we will all be getting 2% raises this year, which is a miracle. I got a BIG raise is my job switch, which was a fluke and I even went to Susan, who was my manager at the time and said my pay needs reduced. She didn't do it and when Cory and Leah reworked the pay and bonus structure I really benefited. I will get my pay raise ini the beginning of the second quarter. Maybe it is enough to offset the higher insurance rates - who knows. I can't figure that stuff out! I got my W-2 today. All I need to do is figure the business part of my taxes and get my house interest statement and I can go on that. I am scared about the business stuff. All I can do is the best I can do and if I mess it up I will just have to fix it later. If I could get my taxes done this weekend and get my refund electronically I could certainly solve a couple of problems quickly!

I am going to take a picture of the dead bread, take my medicine, get 10 things off my very messy table and try to get to bed in eight minutes. Think I can do it?

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