Sunday, January 17, 2010


It turns out we are probably heading to Lafayette tomorrow AFTER all. Michael did not articulate clearly to me everything his father had said in their conversation until he he was walking out the door to go and asked what time I would pick him up. When I replied well, I'll try for the normal, about 6:00 - he said, "But I thought we were going to Lafayette.." So now I am making a long ago promised batch of blueberry muffins for my mother.

The week we cleaned out her cabinets and threw away all the WAY outdated foods she was really upset about the muffin mixes so I took the can of blueberries out of them and promised to use them to make her muffins because the canned blueberries would still be good. So now it is really happening. Of course I "Hopified" the muffin recipe. It is half whole-wheat flour and has added flax meal, wheat germ also. To make up for the added grains I added a little applesauce so they wouldn't be dry, but wouldn't have any added fat. In one concession to my mother's tastes I did add a little extra sugar. She loves sweets SO much that she adds extra sugar when she makes muffins from the mixes and those things are FULL of sugar! Also, the applesauce ought to add a little extra sweet taste to it - even though it is sugar-free applesauce - I mean it is from my house! But there are THREE cans of those blueberries in there. I got 17 muffins out of a recipe that is supposed to make 12.

Heather still has no car. They haven't even towed hers away yet to rekey it and stuff, but it sounds like her boss is going to loan her a car to get back and forth to work. So she will come with Michael and me to Lafayette tomorrow and we can finally be holiday-ish together. I think I may also boil some eggs tonight and make deviled eggs in the morning. Then if we end up buying chicken or something for lunch/dinner Michael will have at least some protein. That is a problem for him a lot when we get up there. Maybe I'll take my Morning Star Farms Crumbles and offer to make a big pot of chili and no one will know... Hmmmm.....

Well gotta go cook or clean up some more or SOMETHING!



Deb said...

Checking in...with another boring reminder to take care of yourself...yeah, I'm of that era--vinyl! Too often it acquired a scratch and then kept repeating over and over, and over...

Willing you laugh at an equally annoying bit of history,



KAT said...

The blueberry muffins "hopified" sound yummy.