Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Closer to fine

One of the Bloomington Kitchen Incubator Interns helped me find affordable insurance and I have all the paperwork and will make the payment to get it started tomorrow. That means I am protected if someone claims to be harmed by my products AND I can make the switch from Home Based Vendor to Commercially Licensed Kitchen when I am ready. I can either find a restaurateur who will let me use his/her facilities after hours and such or wait until the actual kitchen intended for kitchen incubator is complete. I am not sure what the projected date on that is right now. That will let me increase my range of products and also place less restrictions on my places of sales. I am not quite sure if I am ready to make the jump yet. There are some bonuses to being able to bake at home. If I get enough tax refund to pay off debts and get legal issues back in order AND purchase a new oven I may stay home based longer. If I can't get the oven I need to get out of here. My oven heats unevenly, doesn't even have a handle and even the stovetop doesn't work correctly - the burners heat unevenly and such. It's not worth repairing, considering what new ones cost and what repair bills cost.

Oh! I am eating hot foccacia bread right out of the oven! I felt like baking some tonigt just for us, just for fun and it is so good. I put the spices AND the rosemary in so it is very flavorful - burning my lips a little bit. I think tomorow night I am going to make dinner rolls or cinnamon rolls with my locally grown, whole wheat flour and see how much whole wheat the dough can take. I can bake four rolls right in my foil pans and sell them that way. Now our county recycles all the plastics so my foil pans with plastic dome lids are 100% recycleable! As a matter of fact - all my packaging is! Woo hoo for me!

What a heavenly bedtime snack. Surely this combined with the Mucinex D will result in clear sinuses and a good night's sleep which will start soon!. I'm leaving the dishes tonight!

PS. I told Michael I was upset about the house stuff and he did some tasks tonight. I felt better inside. I told him I was angry, but I realized after I said it I was really hurt, and not angry, but was directing it outward to save the pain. Now we need to keep communicating about it and keep it rolling...

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