Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very strange day.

I took Mucinex D last night - well the D part is Pseudafed, which does freaky things to me and I should have know better - worse - it was an EIGHTEEN HOUR extended release. I still could hardly breathe all night and had bad dreams. Then when I went to work I was in a major fog, could hardly communicate, couldn't type, could hardly read my screen... I finally emailed Leah and said, "I am sick. I am going home." I finished up like two things and left immediately. I probably shouldn't have been driving. I got home. Joyce called me to ask one question then I fell onto the futon and slept for over six hours (still with bad dreams). When I woke up, after 4:00, I immediately went to the kitchen and ate some of last night's bread and some olive oil. After a few minutes I felt well enough to check my work email and voice mail and call Leah and tell her I was alive.

I have felt better this evening and been able to accomplish a few tasks. I didn't do the baking I planned - cinnamon rolls - sob! But remembered I am supposed to take cookies to the orchestra concert reception tomorrow night anyway. I think I am going to take store-bought cookies. I will have to sneak them in because I will be ashamed.

I'm still not all the way healthy and shouldn't be baking for people anyway.

I'm going to set out water so I can clean the fishtank tomorrow night and go lie in my bed under the influence of REGULAR Mucinex and try to fall asleep quickly. I think it might happen, especially with a couple Valium thrown into the mix!

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Kim said...

Meusinx makes me have insomnia. It's the cough expectorant, I think it's called geifenisen or something like that. My doctor told me to drink A LOT of water with it.