Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big List today, as usual for Saturday

and I didn't get it all accomplished. Such is life.

We did get some stuff to the dump and while we were there in the "Trading Post" was a pedestal sink!!! Sink for freeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Now all I need is Somebody to do the floor tile. I am so excited. I want to start ripping out the old vanity and sink right away, but I know I need to get the floor materials purchased and installation arranged first. I love that Trading Post at the dump. The last time I went I got two beautiful authentic Harris tweed blazers for Michael, exactly his size. He loves them and wears them all the time. I found another one of those last year... I wonder if the same person donates them as they become "worn out" (ha!) or he just tires of them. It's a great trade off to take your recycling and trash to the dump and come home with stuff you really can use and need. We also take stuff there when we can. If it's not a Saturday for Opportunity House I will take my stuff and put it in there and I always hope somebody gets it who will really benefit from it.

We also went to Target tonight to pick up my med. Oops! The pharmacy closes at 6:00 on Saturday, not 8:00 like I thought, so now I have to go back tomorrow. While we were out and about Michael asked if we could go to Goodwill and he picked out four shirts. I am so glad. I don't think any of them have holes or anything. Yay. I really don't like some of Goodwill's policies and prices but if Michael is willing to get "new" clothes. I am going. I also found an empty knife block for $3.99 and a new one at Target is $20. I think I am going to pour bleach down the slots and let it set overnight before I put my knives in it, just because I am that way, you know?

It was freaking, freezing cold out today and I hated going out. I hate that I have to go out again tomorrow and get my medicine. It is the diuretic though and it has been about five days since I had it and I have pouches of fluid under my eyes and my feet are swollen and I am about five extra pounds of water right now. I need to go get it early tomorrow and take a double dose and drink a lot of water and maybe some Gatorade and make sure my electrolytes are right. I do NOT want leg cramps. I couldn't handle any extra pain right now.

I had told Heather and Mom and Dad that maybe we would come up tomorrow, but I don't know if four or five hours in a car and a double dose of diuretic will work and I really need to get the fluid out of me. I hate to have to admit that I didn't realize I was out and HAD been for a couple of days until the holiday hit. I had been thinking every morning, "This doesn't seem like enough pills..." and then on New Year's Eve at 5:00 I realized what was missing and it was too late because the pharmacy closed early that day. I think it has been at least five days, maybe six since I had it and it is really starting to show. Tonight during dinner I noticed that I can see the pouches under my eyes when I look down. Yuck.

Well I want to accomplish a couple more things on the list and then get to bed.


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