Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepy, sleepy.

I had a too much sleep day again today.

I had no nap Friday or yesterday. Today I awakened first time at 9:17 - close to predicted time - but went back to bed and slept until 11:00 or so. I lay in bed listening to Michael play cello, finally got up and ate some nachos for breakfast, came in a read for a while talked to Michael, put some meat and some potatoes in the oven for a slow bake - slept the three hours, got up and made the rest of dinner and ate dinner with Michael.

We talked about my sleeping and how I am trying to get it back to normal and how I do too much and I am too tired and Michael told me he really hates it when I take the after work naps and we don't eat dinner together. BUT - even today when he was home all day he didn't do the two tasks I asked him to do. I am going to start saying No more Bike Project, Climbing, Backpacking, etc... unless his regular task (recycling) is done without reminders, and his one added task he is supposed to do each day is accomplished. I know he really cares about me, and I know he's really concerned about my health and sleep, but I am a "love in action" kind of person and I need to see it from him, or he is going to see that I can also be a more assertive kind of mom. I am going to take lessons from Amber! She is teaching her girls some lessons that I must have neglected too often when my children were little. I told Michael this week and it is true, that he was better at putting his stuff away when he was three years old than he is now and I am sick of it. It's the kind of thing that makes me think I can't wait for him to move out of the house and I really don't like feeling that was because in every other way we have a great relationship! Sigh... Maybe testosterone interferes with task completion.

Speaking of... I still have about three more things on my list and a bed by midnight goal which is already at risk, plus I started laundry that isn't even really on the list and I HATE leaving laundry in the dryer so add that on!

TTFN! Babes.

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