Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Copy of an email...

Concerning an idea proposed for an internet health and fitness group. I think this sums up a lot of the way I feel.

I love that it is positively based. We recently had a "300 point Challenge" at work and many achieved and I failed miserably - not losing any weight, not earning any exercise points, just sucked in general. Of course there were no points for the things that I need to be my goals - take my medicine every day, drinking enough water, eating three servings of vegetables. If I added all those goals together it could have resulted in points, but I am so far back I need rewarded for each little part! Praised for every eight ounces of water, praised for a day with no soda, praised for 10 minutes or heck - even 5 of movement, and of course total adulation for each pound lost!

So yes. I would like a group where I am not embarrassed to set little teeny goals and try to achieve them and I need hugs - even cyber hugs - when I don't.

I'm all for it. You might have to teach me how to use some of the internet tools, but I am ready to learn. My final goals include less medicine to keep my glucose and fluids and blood pressure normal, a level of activity where I can climb a mountain again, and heart health so that I don't end up with triple bypass like my mom. I also hope that achieving some of those will help my emotional health and help me develop better relationships that can be based on healthy values.

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