Monday, January 18, 2010

Totally planned on ultra-blogging

but I received an important email that required an equally-weighted answer.

In short we went to Lafayette today and enjoyed some time with Mom and Dad. Heather Michael and I all drove together. I took the blueberry muffins and some milk chocolate/mint truffles. Mom had already made some chili so beat me to the punch. It was rather stress free. We did so a teeny bit of tossing out some more expired/ rotten food and gad Michael take out garbage but no big house cleaning binges.

I spent too much money eating out because our timing was off and because I had to feed Micahel twice.

We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and bought some stuff there that we can't get here, including two bags of my favorite veggie and flax seed chips. I bought a bag of almond meal to try in some recipes. I will be a good way to add protein maybe. I will have to see it it is maybe cheaper to grind my own.

I wanted to try to make the peanut butter truffle filling tonight. I think I've decided on the first recipe to try, but the long email precluded it.

No I am just going to go have a snack and take medicine and head off to bed, I think.

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