Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Brief Blog"

is what I wrote on my list tonight.

So here it is.

I had whole grain bread a crackers and 10 oz of grape tomatoes today and a Wendy's Mandarin Chicken salad. Michael made dinner with whole grain pasta and my homemade (no sugar) sauce and I also had some foccacia bread with olive oil. I had NO soda today - but I did have some fruit punch after the concert.

The concert was good. They played a Gershwin (George) medley that I especially enjoyed. I declared myself too ill to serve or cook food for others do went to Kroger and BOUGHT cookies to take. While I was there I lied, told them I had no fever and no symptoms of illness in the past week and got my H1N1 shot so unless that is what I have now I am vaccinated. I guess if that IS what I have now I am immune anyway!

I made a brief list of tasks to do tonight, but I am not sure if I will even do them. I need to at least clean out the fish tank or they're going to die overnight. Also, Michael made dinner, but ingredients are still out. Of course, our house is cold enough it probably really doesn't matter, but it makes me feel better to have them in the refrigerator anyway.

I got to do some real ad writing and design for a customer today. I hope he likes something I did. He has been difficult to please, but for some reason this time he gave me free reign. I like that.

Okay - not very brief. The end.

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Deb said...

Didn't fully understand your H1N1 thoughts, but I hear it's easily transmitted. Whether innoculated, immune, my recommendations (as with seasonal flu) include caution, care for oneself and staying at home a few days after the fever subsides.