Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Favorite Things #6

Books, old books. The "Young Folks Library" pictured here is a set of books that was in my home as I was growing up. I am sure my parents bought them during Bobby's childhood. We also had "The Book of Knowledge" - a set of encyclopedias designed for children that were published about the same era. I read both of these sets of books constantly. Bobby also read to Chris and me frequently from the Young Folks Library and from the Book of Mormon. I especially remember him reading the story of Sinbad from these books because I was following along and noticed that "roc" the bird was spelled differently from "rock" the geological specimen. I think that was one of the first clues that I had learned to read from these nightly sessions.
I think I may have lost a couple of volumes through the years because if I recall correctly "The Snow Queen" was in these books, but when I looked through them so I could read it again I couldn't find it. I hope I am mistaken, that it was really in some different book, but if I ever see these in a used bookshop or flea market I will scour the Table of Contents and if I find one that has "The Snow Queen" in it I will buy it. Writing this makes me think I should look again, just to see if I missed it! Funny how I remember loving the story of the Snow Queen and the two children.... were they Grete and Peter? I also love snowmen, but I HATE winter and cold weather and can't wait to move southwest! But yeah, I love old books. I have other volumes that I may feature individually as the month goes on. We'll see how I am going. Right now, this is the beginning because I love that I grew up with these. I love that Bobby read to us from them, and I loved that they were a big part of my learning to read and it is so important in my life.


Kim said...

The Snow Queen is in The Book of Famous Fairy Tales. It's by Hans Christian Anderson. Here's a link

Kim said...

Okay the link was too long and all of it didn't post. Go to Google and type in Young Folks Library The Snow Queen and it will come up.

Hope said...

Kim! I thought it would just be a link to the book, but I was able to read the entire story! It was even from the same edition with the same illustrations. Thank you, thank you!