Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Favorite Things #2

I love this clock. I bought this for myself for Christmas one year. It was just a couple of years into when I decided that I deserved to buy myself a Christmas present each year. I still do it. I buy something reasonable, wrap it and put it under the tree - the whole bit. Since the years we have had the "homemade or second-hand" rule I have stuck to it for myself too. One thing I LOVE about this clock is that the title of the book is "Recipes for the Single Girl." Notice what is in the illustration? She has cooked an entire turkey, TWO cherry pies, five popovers, a ham and MORE! I hope she is either having a lot of friends over for dinner or has a BIG freezer and a big tolerance for leftovers! This is also what gave me the idea that I could start repurposing objects as clocks. So far I have done a Scrabble board clock, a record clock, and simply redecorated an existing clock to match my sister's bathroom. Someday I would like to add "Hope's Handmades" to "Hope's Homemades" and sell one of a kind clocks, framed mirrors, and hats and stuff as well.

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Quilt or Dye said...

That clock is just so you! What a great find.