Friday, November 12, 2010

My Favorite Things #12

My spice rack. This is a very recent acquisition. I bought it at Goodwill the same day I bought the stuff for making the Halloween costume, so maybe five weeks ago. I love the light-colored wood in my kitchen. I have the recipe box, also pictured here and a bread box. The table and chairs are not THIS light, but kind of medium, golden brown. I love this not only for the wood, but also for the design, and that it fits perfectly in the space I wanted it. I was getting WAY too many spices in my cupboard and even with tiered shelves I would have to take half of them out to find what I want. This system is much better in terms of finding things. Gradually I will work my way up to where all the jars are the same and are labeled so I can easily get what I need.

I am a little embarrassed by this picture. I probably shouldn't point it out, but there are cobwebs up in the corner underneath the cupboard. Also I hate how bad the paint line is next to the door frame. I plan to paint the door frame soon. At that time, if repainting the entire room is not imminent I will touch up next to the frame so it is not so glaringly awful!

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