Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My favorite Things #3

This coffee table is one of my favorite things. Jen gave it to me (thank you!) and I decorated the glass panels with the glass marbles. I glued them to the underside so the table is still flat. A few have popped off and need reglued right now, but I decided to not be a perfectionist (yay me!) and take the picture anyway. It looks really cool when there is a little lighting underneath so the marbles show well. I put a touch light under the middle, but with the flash it's hard to tell. It was my main table in the living room when all the blond mission-style furniture was out there, but now that is all in the family room and so is this. Some of the glass got a little funky because of a wax leak from an unattended candle (Danger, Will Robinson!), and I'd like to get new glass panels someday, maybe clear instead of foggy, so the designs will show a little more clearly. That is way down on the list of financial priorities, however. Bills and stuff must come first. Sigh...

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