Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite Things #20

Candles, in general. I really like them. I kind of feel like this is a "cheating" post - like I ought to have pictures of more of the places I have candles in the house, not just this one shelf. This is a good representation, however that I enjoy many shapes and styles etc. As far as fragrance is concerned I do not like "food" scented candles very much. Often the fragrances I like are called things like "Ocean, cotton, fresh linen," and smell clean and fresh and not too fruity or flowery. Those fragrances tend to come in blue and white colors so those are the colors of many of the candles in my house. Off the top of my head I can think of these places I have candles: the bookshelf shown here, my nightstand, my dresser, the coffee table, the coffee table in the purple room, the top of the china cabinet, my bedroom wall, my living room wall, and a big arrangement that sits on the living room floor - and I am probably forgetting something! When we have a party it is fun to light LOTS of candles and try to have as few lights on as possible. Maybe tomorrow I can take candle pictures and have an addendum to this post.

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