Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Favorite Things #10

This is a cross stitch design from a kit. I LOVE smiling sun faces as much as I love regular smiley faces. I have several items in that motif around my house and garden. I purchased this kit and began it a couple of years ago. I got messed up counting the rows or something and became really discouraged and abandoned it. When Emily and Scott first moved to Chicago she was bored and asked me to bring some projects for her - she knows of my supply of umm.... supplies. I took the box of cross stitch kits and I included this one that I had messed up. She repaired my damage and finished it for me. I love it because of the picture itself, and I love it because Emily finished it for me. She also recently did another one for me that is a similar type of kit, with the glass and clip frame, only a leaf - that is another of my recurring motifs in decor. You'll probably see some more of that later.

On another note - back on track: I went to the DOCTOR today. Ponied up the $100 and had a brutally honest session. We've changed around some of my medicines and added a new one.... sigh on adding another, but it should help in the long run - right? I was afraid he would order labs (he probably should have, really) and I wouldn't be able to afford them, but he didn't say anything about it. If we wait and do labs in January, when he wants to see me again I will have the 2011 health care money and it can get paid for. He probably remembers that from last year. Also my new med he gave me for free so we wouldn't have to ask the insurance for it, because it is a new type of medicine. What he gave me is at least a month's supply and then he said call back and we'll see if he still has more samples. Yay doctor.


Deb said...

Beautiful, Hope. And also the family I recognize in the background frame there, top left.

Hope said...

Thanks Deb, and in behalf of Emily, too.

Yep - I like that family! I made a collage of the family photos from holiday cards and greetings this year. It's a good way to think of my friends and family all through the year. When I get new ones this Christmas I can compare and see how everybody has grown and changed!