Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Favorite Things #21

My hat looms. I have had them for quite a while. I bought mine WAY back before you could buy the cheap ones in the craft stores and I mail-ordered them from Provo. And I really have to tell you I have purchased some additional looms in the craft stores and they are not as high quality. Getting the hat looms was really something that helped me learn to relax. I never felt like I could sit and watch television or sit and watch a movie because I felt guilty for not being productive. Once I got the hat looms I could sit and knit while I watched stuff and I felt like I was relaxing. It's also kind of "fake" knitting so it doesn't stress me out. You just go around and around in circles until you're done. You don't have to count stitches or follow patterns or purl or anything funky... ahhh brainless crafting - just my kind. When I used to make the annual uber list I usually had on it to make at least 10 hats a year. I haven't done that many this year. I guess I have felt less guilt about not being productive! I usually donate them to the "baby house" or to one of the shelters. I do give them as gifts occasionally or I will donate one to a silent auction for a cause. My mom suggested I make one for her for Christmas this year, so I want to find some really nice yarn and make a good one for her. I made a rule that I couldn't buy any new yarn until I used up what I have, but that will be a special exception.

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