Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have been getting spam comments so I may have to put on that tangled up word thingy to block them and see if it helps. I kind of hate to do it. When I have to do those on someone else's blog I often have to try more than once before I get it wright and it is so annoying I am reluctant to comment or give up if I have to try too many times. I ADORE comments so I hate to do anything to discourage them, but I also despise the spam. Sigh....

It still feels strange not to write every day and it's really late tonight so I am going to make a few updates quickly:

First outside hike today at Lake Griffy 47 minutes of pure success, accompanied by my encouraging and good example son.

Started out with a sinus headache, but medicated it well enough to mostly function (along with a nap) today.

Supposed to go to Office for karaoke tonight, but it was too crowded so we saw the heartwarming "Blind Side" movie instead. I did enjoy it.

Emailing a new man who actually works for my company, but in the Bedford office so I completely have the inside scoop on him. We have the initial "out for a cup of coffee" date on Tuesday. People say he is odd, but nice. So far I have enjoyed communication with him. We have traded phone numbers, but not talked yet. I think we are both good writers and comfortable communication that way. I hope we can be good talkers in person.

I haven't started losing weight again yet, but I am feeling really positive about my body image, my increasing activity level and spring coming. I haven't started the yoga yet like I want to, but tomorrow is another day. Garet (new email man) also used to do yoga and wants to start again so we have something in common. It is also interesting that he is a long distance runner, has completed two minis and plans to do the one up in Indy again this May. My last (not) boyfriend was a long distance runner, and in fact the cross country coach at the school where he teaches.

Beautiful Ben may stay in Indiana longer with his new venture - working at this pool hall/bar/entertainment venue/ want to get a food license and serve an Asian Fusion menu. I've been doing some research and am going to make a curried squash soup for dinner this week when he comes. I am looking forward to helping develop things as they go. His partner is Mongolian so the Asian part is down. Also targeted is the hippie/vegan/vegetarian sector of Bloomington so it's good to have Michael as a guinea pig.

I have ripped out my bathroom sink and vanity only to find that my bathroom is plumbed all wrong for a pedestal sink. Next step is to go ahead and redo the floor and them decide what to do from there. These projects always take me a long time and I am getting tired of brushing my teeth in the bath tub.

I am not so depressed as I was a couple of weeks ago. I still have days where I am afraid I can't make it through. I have had a couple of nights where I have slept 10 - 12 hours at a time. If I can get back into some normal sleep patterns, which I think the sunshine will help, and the increase in activity will help I think I will start to recover even more.

I've already had my dairy for today, but I might need just a little bit of ice cream before I go to bed. :)


Deb said...

Good to see you checking in. If ever my comments appear spamish, send them straight down 'that there' dark grocery aisle along with other unknown inedibles.

Keep taking good care of you.

Kim said...

Hopie - have they checked your thyroid? All three seperately? Since I have been on Synthroid I have seen such a huge difference in my mood being better, sleeping better, and having more energy. I am amazed at the difference it has made between now and having a low thyroid.

Good luck with G man. I hope you have a great time!! Keep us posted.

Love you,

Hope said...

Just had blood tests including thyroid and everything is great. Cholesterol is only 100. All the Quinoa is taking its toll. My triglycerides are still high, but down about a hundred points since last year, so I am no longer on the verge of my heart exploding. As I lose more weight they should decrease more. We eat almost all whole grains, no hydrogenated fats and high fiber and protein. I do eat red meat and I do eat white flour when I eat out without Michael. If I could have the same diet when he's not with me I would probably be better off already, but I still LOVE the bad stuff.