Saturday, March 20, 2010

Science Olympiad

Michael got first in two of his events: Remote Sensing and Fossils. He got second in Physics Lab. this year Physics lab was building a windmill within certain specs to generate electricity. The team won first so they will be going to Nationals which is in Champaign Illinois in May. I will probably go, but not as a chaperone this year unless they specifically ask me. I have family who live in a small town nearby and I can probably stay with them to save some money.

I awakened with a horrible headache about 4am this morning - got up and tooks meds somewhere between there and 5, but didn't ever get back to sleep until about 4:00 this afternoon. I woke up just in time to keep my spaghetti sauce from burning and get to the awards ceremony. I hope my sauce seals well. I did it kind of wacky today. I am glad to finally get it off my list anyway. If it doesn't seal I will just stick it in the fridge and we'll eat something with sauce every day until eight quarts are down the hatch! the medicines did help the headache, by the way, but I wish I could have accomplished more in the way of projects today. You know how I am with my lists!

I swear I am co-dependent already. I know Garet had a couple of things to shoot today and was supposed to go out with a friend and he knew I was doing the Mom/ Science Olympiad thing, but I was still sad he didn't call me today. I don't like being like that so I hope it's just a beginning phase.

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